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Interview with Lynne McTaggart: Consciousness can Affect the World in Which We Live

Lynne McTaggart is a journalist and author of five books in the area of alternative health and consciousness and is well known for her book and newsletters “What Doctors Don’t Tell You.”
Her book “The Field” tells the story of respected frontier scientists all over the globe who have produced extraordinary evidence to show that an energy field — The Zero Point Field — connects everything in the universe, and we ourselves are part of this vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange.

Interview with Aernout Zevenbergen

In Feminenza, we love to search for a greater understanding of what makes men and women tick, and how we can form a better partnership together for the future. The first two principles of Feminenza speak about how we believe that the existence of the two genders implies a partnership to something better, and that their union is designed to create something that is a step forward for humanity. There is a need for remedy and rebalance, not as a reaction against the past, but for the sake of the future, in which there is much yet to be understood about both genders. Part of our quest therefore is to understand more about the masculine gender, to seek out our brothers endeavouring to improve gender relations, and encourage them in their efforts.