"Marion played a central role in the office and in our communications with the outer world. After my retirement we co-wrote a book, with myself as main author. Marion contributed an important role also in the editing of the book.
I have experience of her as an all round professional, excellent and proactive organiser, ordered and able to set priorities, socially skilled, and a quality writer, editor and translator with an excellent command of the English language."

"Working with Marion on a publication was a pleasure, and she was always able to find pragmatic solutions and give constructive feedback in a fruitful and cooperative way."

"Having worked with Marion in international aid and development for over a decade, I have valued her wide ranging professionalism and friendly, helpful, and when required, diplomatic, approach to the tasks at hand. She is adept at employing her diplomatic skills in surmounting the challenges that can arise when working with and between different cultures and nationalities and between continents. Her proactive, quick thinking skills, enable her to anticipate tasks and offer prompt solutions, reporting in a professional and ordered manner. She is the 'go-to person' where there is a requirement to juggle many balls at the same time, while keeping a clear focus on the ultimate outcomes."

"Marion's command of the English language, not just due to being a native English speaker, but also her love of the way to best express something in language, and the ability to get inside what needs to be said, has been an invaluable asset in translating, editing and writing speeches, articles, letters, and so forth."

During its inception Marion was part of the editorial team of Feminenza Magazine, a glossy magazine which was distributed across 20 countries. Marion was an essential part of the team, due to her deep interest in the human plight, she always magically managed to get in touch with though leaders who were willing to share their insights through an interview. Her articles and interviews were an essential part of the magazine, always engaging and accessible for readers of different ages and backgrounds. As a member of the editorial team Marion was one of the project managers who ensured the deadlines were met. She also edited all English texts, as many of our contributors were non-native English speakers."

"Marion is a person of high integrity. Her friendly and empathetic way of communicating makes her a pleasure to work with. She is able to find pragmatic solutions even in situations of stress. If you need a professional support to solve difficult problems of professional cooperation and communication, Marion is the most helpful person."

"I have known Marion for eleven years. I have had the opportunity to witness and experience her many fine qualities as an administrator at senior level both in the head office in Amsterdam and overseas. Marion has first class people and communication skills. She has a calm temperament and is pleasant, even in taxing situations and in dealing with sometimes, very demanding people and unexpected events. Her organisational abilities are legendary and she is meticulous in this area, always ensuring that information is accurate and transmitted in a timely manner to the relevant people. Her linguistic talents are striking and were used to good effect within international development aid.

Marion is a person of the utmost integrity and is very loyal. I have no hesitation whatsoever is recommending her."

I've been working with Marion Verweij for many years now and I have always experienced her as a thorough, creative, intuitive writer. Tuning to the need, finding the language, and delivering on time. I can thoroughly recommend her as a writer on any subject, and especially on all things green and sustainable. Marion approaches sustainability in a practical way, from the written word to such projects as the one she is currently spearheading in building a sustainable neighbourhood in the east of the Netherlands. You won’t be disappointed if hiring her both for her skill, her knowledge and her research ability.