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Optimist magazine – Workshop Creatief Schrijven

Door te spelen met taal, kom je in contact met jouw innerlijke stem. Schrijfcoach Marion Verweij laat je in dit artikel kennismaken met creatief schrijven. Zijn om het zelf te ervaren? Doe dan mee met deze mini-workshop en ga al schrijvend op avontuur in jouw binnenwereld. Download de pdf van dit artikel hier
By Marion Verweij | 04/08/2023 | Articles, Magazines

E-newsletter the African-European Parliamentarians Initiative (AEPI)

The Irish poet W.B Yeats writing in the aftermath of revolution wrote “All changed, utterly changed: a terrible beauty is born”. Events sudden and profound changed all and everything: “He too has been changed in his turn. Transformed utterly: A terrible beauty is born”. Covid-19 is unlike anything the world has faced since the Second World War and will have implications for every nation, economy and citizen. We must plan therefore for a changed future – not a return to an unsustainable past. Climate change was already changing the policy choices – but slowly and incrementally – our rebuild, reboot must now be profound and new. In a few short months we have relearned that science matters, that experts need to be listened to, and ignorance has a real and painful cost. We have learned that we can travel less, embrace technology more and that to overcome challenges we need coordination and cooperation. The coronavirus is blind to borders, races, genders or status. Although our capacity to fight back is differentiated.
By Marion Verweij | 05/01/2021 | Newsletters

Feminenza Magazine

Hearing is something the human does before the eyes can see. We can make sounds but we need to learn how to talk. We can feel and touch, but need to learn by trial and error what is safe to put our hand on and what is not, what is safe to put in our mouth or not safe. But like seeing, hearing grows and develops without our needing to contribute any effort. There is a difference between hearing and listening. As the dictionary enlightens us, hearing is to perceive sound with the ear; one could say it is automatic. And unlike the senses of sight or taste, we can’t so easily close off our hearing;it just keeps happening. The dictionary explains that to listen is to make effort to hear something, to hear with attention, to seek, to wait alertly.
By Marion Verweij | 05/01/2020 | Magazines