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Optimist magazine – Workshop Creatief Schrijven

Door te spelen met taal, kom je in contact met jouw innerlijke stem. Schrijfcoach Marion Verweij laat je in dit artikel kennismaken met creatief schrijven. Zijn om het zelf te ervaren? Doe dan mee met deze mini-workshop en ga al schrijvend op avontuur in jouw binnenwereld. Download de pdf van dit artikel hier
By Marion Verweij | 04/08/2023 | Articles, Magazines

Portals of Perception

Portals of PerceptionApril 7, 2023By Marion VerweijWhat holds us back from imagining and creating the future?A new initiative has emerged asking thought-provoking questions such as ‘Wheredoes the future come from?’ or ‘What holds us back from imagining and creating thefuture?’ Lisa Marcus has been involved in Portals of Perception for the last year, andI asked

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By Marion Verweij | 04/08/2023 | Articles

Four Easy Ways to Boost Our Inner Immunity

Four Easy Ways to Boost Our Inner Immunity
By Marion Verweij | 29/09/2021 | Articles

A Pilgrimage for the Mind and Soul Begins and Ends at Two Churches

The Walk of Wisdom offers a way of finding one’s inner wisdom whilst walking. The purpose is to find peace and quiet, and to slow down while being with nature. Whether walking alone or with companions, in silence or contemplative conversation, the circular 136 km walk offers pilgrims an ecology for reflection. Beginning and ending at two churches in the city of Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands, the route meanders through the countryside of two countries and 11 municipalities.
By Marion Verweij | 09/06/2021 | Articles

The Irrepressible Spirit of Hope

In South Sudan you can be understood if you think that there is little to be hopeful about. Decades of civil war and violent tribal conflicts, coupled with perennial flooding and the negative effectives of the COVID–19 pandemic have left millions of South Sudanese hungry, homeless and insecure. More than a half of the country are staring starvation in the face.
By Marion Verweij | 09/06/2021 | Articles

You are made of Stardust

Pause for a minute and look at your hand. One of the atoms forming it may have come from Orion’s belt. Perhaps an atom on your thumb was once part of a star cluster that exploded a million light-years ago.
By Marion Verweij | 09/06/2021 | Articles

Article in bUneke Scarves with a message Dec 2020

A Prayer into the World is a Danish design project creating scarves that are designed to carry meaning through words, images and clolour. Born from the desire to create something that would add value into the world, Marianne Lundhus and Malene Maxon design and produce the scarves from their workroom just outside Copenhagen in Denmark.
By Marion Verweij | 05/01/2021 | Articles

Article bUneke What is the Electric Ecosystem?

Sander Funneman has been researching the fascinating electrical ecosystem of the planet since 1986 when he attended a lecture about the idea that ‘everything works by electricity and magnetism’ What started as a light-hearted investigation grew slowly into something more serious. Along with the inspiration grew a concern about the use of artificial radiation in the envireonment. In March 2019 Electric Ecosystem was published.
By Marion Verweij | 13/12/2020 | Articles

Verandering verwelkomen – The Optimist

Begin 2020 confronteerde Covid-19 ons met het gevoel dat we wellicht geen controle hebben over ons leven. Dat we niet automatisch kunnen rekenen op een dag van morgen in een wereld die we kennen. De term ‘nieuw normaal’ werd bedacht. Maar hoe kunnen we iets dat nieuw en anders is als normaal betitelen? En zijn we in deze tijd wakker geschud om onze wereld en onszelf in een nieuw licht te zien?
By Marion Verweij | 05/11/2020 | Blog

These Lions are Found in Two Places in the World: Lions

Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Southwest Uganda is home to 24 tree-climbing lions, one of the two places they can be found in the world.
By Marion Verweij | 05/07/2020 | Articles

A refuge in the arts

In July English historian Simon Schama spoke of “Art as a refuge from the terrible crisis we are all living through.” Two months later, as the second wave of COVID-19 is upon in an interview with the Radio Times, he said: “When we are all feeling imprisoned, art lets you travel into the world of imagination and change the subject in your head. It muffles the drone politics and fearfulness. It’s consolatory and liberating.”
By Marion Verweij | 05/06/2020 | Blog

Interview met Sander Funneman

Sander Funneman doet sinds de jaren tachtig onderzoek naar natuurlijke elektrische signalen en frequenties in het ecosysteem. Zijn benadering vloeit voort uit inspiratie, verwondering en optimisme. Die inspiratie verbindt hij met een gezonde dosis bezorgdheid over de nadelige effecten van kunstmatige straling, afkomstig uit elektromagnetische apparaten. Reden genoeg om het gesprek aan te gaan over 5G en het groeiende debat hierover uit te breiden met zijn perspectieven.
By Marion Verweij | 30/05/2020 | Articles

Zoom Meditation Classes for Corporations, Well-Being in Organizations

Meditation House teaches Zoom Meditation classes for corporations. These classes are now being taught to corporations as an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has brought untold changes into our lives. This year, video conferencing has become an everyday part of life for millions of us. Zoom has become a central part of our vocabulary. How has this affected corporate mindfulness classes? Are virtual mindfulness classes much more difcult to conduct than holding classes on-site and being physically in the same room? Do guided meditations for the workplace work just as well when they are not taught physically in the workplace?
By Marion Verweij | 05/04/2020 | Blog

Finding forgiveness

Forgiveness is a word we use often but rarely do we stop and dwell upon the depth of healing and updating, of liberation and connection that true forgiveness can cause. Whilst conducting seminars on gender relations Mary Noble found herself dwelling increasingly on this vital quality, and incorporating her work into the seminars. In this interview she talks about the process she continues to have with something she has come to see as vital for the future of the human race.
By Marion Verweij | 08/03/2020 | Articles


One way to come to a greater understanding about the two sexes is to know more about the physiological differences, including how our brains are wired. This helps us understand better what happens naturally in us and what we are prone to as men and women. In issue 4, 2003 of Feminenza Magazine, Gerda van Schaik wrote about some of the marked variations in the physiology of the genders, which shed some light on the behaviour and focus of men and women. I shall be exploring the nature of the development of the brain, which may explain much about how men and women approach things and give further food for thought…
By Marion Verweij | 08/03/2020 | Articles

The Shining Word

When I first settled in the Netherlands, I had to keep in mind whether what I was writing should be in UK English or American English. Nowadays we have a third English to take into account: Euro English, the language of how UK English has evolved in Continental Europe. Although the first language of many cross-border institutions and companies, English is, of course, a second language for many EU citizens. It makes sense, therefore, that word usage is simplified to enable everyone to follow what is said or written. But slowly a language adapts over time. Take the example of how the British adapted the French language since 1066. Well except a few cliché’s, such as, well, cliché. Or perhaps wishing each other an enjoyable meal – Which has always made me wonder if the English didn’t enjoy their meals before the French colonised them and taught them to say
By Marion Verweij | 10/02/2020 | Blog

Blog for a Cat and Dogs Home

Last year the RSPCA recorded that 1500 abandoned cats and dogs were put down in the county of Surry. Could this have been prevented? O Cats and Dogs Home believes it could have been. We are proud to say that with the help of people like you we saved 800 cats and dogs being added to that list. Together we saved them not just from being put down, but from unnecessary suffering.
By Marion Verweij | 01/02/2020 | Blog

Interview with Lynne McTaggart: Consciousness can Affect the World in Which We Live

Lynne McTaggart is a journalist and author of five books in the area of alternative health and consciousness and is well known for her book and newsletters “What Doctors Don’t Tell You.” Her book “The Field” tells the story of respected frontier scientists all over the globe who have produced extraordinary evidence to show that an energy field — The Zero Point Field — connects everything in the universe, and we ourselves are part of this vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange.
By Marion Verweij | 25/01/2020 | Articles

Interview with Aernout Zevenbergen

In Feminenza, we love to search for a greater understanding of what makes men and women tick, and how we can form a better partnership together for the future. The first two principles of Feminenza speak about how we believe that the existence of the two genders implies a partnership to something better, and that their union is designed to create something that is a step forward for humanity. There is a need for remedy and rebalance, not as a reaction against the past, but for the sake of the future, in which there is much yet to be understood about both genders. Part of our quest therefore is to understand more about the masculine gender, to seek out our brothers endeavouring to improve gender relations, and encourage them in their efforts.
By Marion Verweij | 10/01/2020 | Articles